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I’m immune 2021

I’m immune 2021 – 155 x 125cm, acrylic on canvas Talk treacherous would beatBut still my heart it is rock Finally going through old parasite gateBut there’s a 24-hour clock watchAnd I’m living too lateThink I’m living too late

Was the day Disne 2021

Was the day Disne 2021 – 29,7 x 21cm, acrylic on paper (Brix Smith quoted in Jamming, November 1984) ‘Everyone was pretending nothing had happened, they were all going ‘Disneyland is wonderful land’. Mark was saying, ‘Whaaat??? There’s a woman up there with no head […]

Room CH10CH2011 2020

Room CH10CH2011 2020 – A4, Letraset on paper ‘I did not understand why I could not accept the fact that I’d accepted the contract Much discussion in this institution’

Kevin Shields 2020

Kevin Shields 2020 – 21 x 15cm, watercolour on paper This a watercolour painting after a photograph of Kevin Shields, singer and guitarist with My Bloody Valentine Credit to the original photographer Graham Racher

And psychic 2020

And psychic 2020 – 14 x 13 x 14,5cm, plasticine model for future casts “2013 Vicksburg Confederate graves Are uncovered, throwing new light on This 19th century conflict, sparking off a repeat These southern spectres were disease ridden, dusty, organic And psychic”

Feel Vox Crisp

Riso zine, 24 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, edition of 145, loose leaf, Risograph, ISBN 9789492486059 – collaboration with Inge Marleen and Andrew Renton. Essay: ‘On not hearing yourself speak: Mark E Smith at the controls’, by Andrew Renton. MES had the curious and wonderful […]

You trip me up 2020

You trip me up 2020 – 40 x 60cm, oil and acrylic on canvas I first heard The Jesus and Mary Chain on John Peels radio show back in the early 1980’s, they were getting a lot of press about their concerts lasting only 20 […]

Delights of Life (after Watteau) 2007

Delights of Life (after Watteau) 2007 – video, duration 5 minutes 8 seconds, sound. With Anne Marie van Rees, Inge Koerselman, Adrienne Wennekes and Sybren Renema Delights of Life (II) 2007 – Super 8 film, duration approx 3 minutes, silent In 2007 I made a […]

Do Nothing 2020

Do Nothing 2020 – 200 x 200cm, oil on canvas ‘Policeman comes and smacks me in the teeth, I don’t complain, it’s not my function, Nothing ever change, oh no’ Thirty nine years ago in 1980, The Specials released ‘Do Nothing’ a very richly layered […]

My Bloody Valentine 2020

My Bloody Valentine 2020 – 200 x 270cm, oil on canvas I saw this band play many times in London during the nineties, they were incredibly loud, but what I enjoyed was trying to decipher which song they were playing while all the strange sounds […]

My New House 2019

My New House 2019 – 200 x 140cm, oil and acrylic on canvas. I bought it off the Baptists I get their bills And I get miffed At the damn polyester fills The interior is a prison unconscious Interior is a prison unconscious  

Delights of Life (after Watteau) 2008

Delights of Life (after Watteau) 2008 – 95 x 136cm, acrylic on paper. Private collection, Belgium In 2007 I made a series of paintings, photographs and videos based on Watteau’s painting ‘Les Charmes de la vie’ (The Delights of Life) from 1718.  In many ways these works […]

Delights of Life (after Watteau) 2007

Delights of Life (after Watteau) 2007 – 100 x 75cm, photograph In 2007 I made a series of paintings, photographs and videos based on Watteau’s painting ‘Les Charmes de la vie’ (The Delights of Life) from 1718.  In many ways these works were precursors to the band […]

Delights of Life (Madrid) 2008

Delights of Life (Madrid) 2008 – 200 x 135cm, oil on canvas. Private collection, Belgium In 2007 I made a series of paintings, photographs and videos based on Watteau’s painting ‘Les Charmes de la vie’ (The Delights of Life) from 1718.  In many ways these works were […]

Edinburgh Man

Riso zine, 24 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, edition 160, ISBN 9789492486035 – collaboration with David Powell and Andrew Renton. Essay: “They say you project yourself…”: “Edinburgh Man” and desire, by Andrew Renton. Order here.

A Cheap Man 2019

A Cheap Man 2019 – 21 x 13cm, watercolour, pen on paper Slang King Words from a cheap man Part-paid type who got his style From a press treatise 2 pound 50 Bottle of Brut and nausea

JAMC 2004

JAMC 2004 – 55 x 45cm, oil on canvas, whereabouts unknown I’m going down to the place tonight To see if I can get a taste tonight A taste of something warm and sweet That shivers your bones and rises to your heat I’m going […]

Come Together 1999

Come together (performance/event) 1999 – Dimensions variable, matte paint, x3 guitars, wire, screws, brackets, printed T- shirts, photographs. Come Together was a performance event where ‘roadies’ carefully assembled a guitar sculpture, they wore printed promotional merchandise (T-shirts and white gloves). The performance lasted about 15 […]

Nice Insertion 1998

Nice Insertion 1998 – approx 145 x 85 x 120cm, guitar, wood, paint, plaster Nice Insertion (mini) 1998 – 32 x 16 x 18cm, miniature replica guitar, plaster, paint, wood, wire. Installation: Racket 1998/Sadie Coles HQ, London  

The Squares 1997

The Squares 1997 – 194 x 194cm, coloured fabrics, glue Installation view  – ‘Riddled with it’ – Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam 1998

Bedding 1996

Bedding 1996  – 150 x150cm, acrylic on unprimed canvas                                                          Collection – Georg Herold, Cologne

Mother Sister 2019

Mother Sister 2019 – 32 x 24cm, watercolour, pencil on paper Martin Brahmah tells a story that would explain much about the lyrics: The story of Mother-Sister! “Mother-Sister!” That’s a funny one. That’s one I just arranged, I suppose, because Una’s credit was writing the […]

England’s Sores 2019

England’s Sores 2019 – 21 x 29,7cm, pen on paper “That’s why I moved to Scotland. It’s true. I’d rather drink whisky, thank you very much. I don’t relate to other groups. I never have. I don’t relate to a lot of musicians to be […]

Craigness 2019

Craigness 2019 – 32 x 24cm, watercolour on paper Neighbour downstairs with one eye Co-habs with a mass of blonde curls Oo-ar! Oo-ar!

The Neighbourhood of Infinity fanzine about The Fall (Risograph)

The Neighbourhood of Infinity

Riso zine, 24 pages, edition 90, ISBN 9789492486028 – with visuals by David Powell and Inge Marleen and words by Andrew Renton. This publication will be on show at Riso Revolution (Quartair, The Hague) during The Other Book Fair (29 November – 1 December 2019). […]

The Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 – 24 x 30cm, acrylic on canvas. Private collection, London This series of portraits refer to archival images of mostly British indie bands from the 80s and 90s that I discovered from listening to John Peel late at night. The Fall were […]

Mark 4 2018

Bury Pts 2 + 4 2018

Bury Pts 2 + 4 2018 – 24 x 20cm, acrylic on canvas I’m Wolverine I’m from Bury A French Prince, I said This song means something Every song means something

I'm tapped 2019

I’m tapped 2019

I’m tapped 2019 – 200x160cm, acrylic on canvas How dare you assume I wanna parlez-vous with you! Gretchen Franklin, nosey matron thing

The Fall Elves 2019

Elves 2019

Elves 2019 – 200 x 160cm, acrylic on canvas When will the good Scotch return In all its scarred splendor When will the price of Scotch come down?

Cocteau Twins 2018

Cocteau Twins 2018 – 25 x 32cm, oil and acrylic on canvas One of my all time favourite bands, Liz Fraser’s singing experimented with dismantling and reforming language, she developed a unique approach to the use of the voice that challenged preconceptions about how singers […]

Teenage Kicks 2018

Teenage Kicks 2018 – 18x24cm, oil and acrylic on canvas The Undertones are a punk rock band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1974. The DJ John Peel once famously played their single ‘Teenage kicks’ twice in a row on his radio show.

Keith Levene 2018

Keith 2018

Keith 2018 – 24 x 24cm, acrylic on canvas Keith Levene is an English musician who was a founding member of The Clash, The Flowers of Romance and Public Image Ltd (PiL) I sent you flowers You wanted chocolates instead

The Smiths 2018

The Smiths 2018 – 40 x 50cm, acrylic on canvas The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. The band consisted of vocalist Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.

Jim and Bobby 2018

Jim and Bobby 2018 – 46 x 35cm, oil and acrylic on canvas In 2018 this was the very first painting I made from the now full blown band series. I began with JAMC because they’ve had such a lasting impact on me and because […]

The Velvet Underground 2018

The Velvet Underground 2018 – 24 x 20cm, oil and acrylic on canvas The Velvet Underground were an American rock band formed in 1964 in New York City by singer/guitarist Lou Reed, multi-instrumentalist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison, and drummer Angus MacLise (replaced by Moe […]