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Different times 2020

Different times 2020 – 150 x 125cm, acrylic on canvas I traveled far and wide through many different times, What did you see there? I saw the saints with their toys, What did you see there? I saw all knowledge destroyed. I traveled far and […]

L.A 2020

L.A 2020 – 32x24cm, watercolour, acrylic, pen on paper Odeon sky Uncanny Bushes are in disagreement with the heat L.A. Uncanny Person Filled boulevards with white snow, scum-ball L.A. This is my happening and it freaks me out

Red scarf 2019

Red scarf 2019 – 9 x 14cm, watercolour, pencil, pen on paper A – Knew about politburo facade behind “Kicker” C – Who stole cafe’s collection box B – Who applied cut-up technique literally to himself E – Who wore a red scarf to remind […]

Hidden figments 2019

Hidden figments 2019 – 24 x 32cm, watercolour, pen on paper Gregoror, satiated walking thru’ capitol Stumbles on two thousand dead Thai monks in SS uniforms Then fled to Hotel Bloedel, outside Nuremberg A long way south, to a reasonable smell of death

Crash smash 2019

Crash smash 2019 – 29,7 x 20cm, watercolour, pencil, pen on paper I just left the Hotel Amnesia, I had to go there Where it is I can’t remember, But now I can remember…now I can remember Hafta! Hafta! Message for ya! Message for ya!

Debtor’s retreat estate 2019

Debtors retreat escape 2019 – 21×29,7cm, watercolour, pen, pencil on paper Neurotic Red landscape A socialist state invention Them old government phones working Debtor’s escape estate

A Cheap Man 2019

A Cheap Man 2019 – 21 x 13cm, watercolour, pen on paper Slang King Words from a cheap man Part-paid type who got his style From a press treatise 2 pound 50 Bottle of Brut and nausea

Escape Route 2019

Escape Route 2019 – 21x13cm, pen, watercolour on paper Don’t make me a go-between This is Mr. and Mrs. Smith To whom you are speaking Slang King

The Squares 1997

The Squares 1997 – 194 x 194cm, coloured fabrics, glue Installation view  – ‘Riddled with it’ – Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam 1998

Bedding 1996

Bedding 1996  – 150 x150cm, acrylic on unprimed canvas                                                          Collection – Georg Herold, Cologne

Panicky Hall 2019

Panicky Hall 2019 – 150 x 200cm, oil and acrylic on canvas I’ll put you down Porterage down To the dark gross chapel He stepped streets around now Sales-person, mobile

England’s Sores 2019

England’s Sores 2019 – 21 x 29,7cm, pen on paper “That’s why I moved to Scotland. It’s true. I’d rather drink whisky, thank you very much. I don’t relate to other groups. I never have. I don’t relate to a lot of musicians to be […]

Craigness 2019

Craigness 2019 – 32 x 24cm, watercolour on paper Neighbour downstairs with one eye Co-habs with a mass of blonde curls Oo-ar! Oo-ar!

Want brass 2019

Want brass 2019 – 29,7x21cm, watercolour, pen on paper Down pokey quaint streets in Cambridge Cycle our distant spastic heritage

Grey ports 2019

Grey ports 2019 – 29,7 x 21cm, watercolour, pen, pencil on paper Bad indigestion Bad bowel retention Speed for their wages Sun tan, torn short sleeves

Edinburgh man 2019

Edinburgh man 2019 – 21 x 29,7cm, watercolour, pencil on paper As I sit and stare at all of England’s sores I tell you something I wish I was in Edinburgh

Wings 2019

Wings 2019 – 200 x 160cm, acrylic on canvas The stuffing loss made me hit a time lock I ended up in the eighteen sixties I’ve been there for one hundred andtwenty five years

Industrial Estate 2019

Industrial Estate 2019 – 200 x 200cm, acrylic and pencil on canvas Well you started here to earn your pay Clean necks and ears on your first day Well we tap on the bars as you walk in the gate And we’d build a canteen but […]

Trip to Spar 2019

Trip to Spar 2019 – 21×29,7cm, watercolour, pen on paper I woke up in the pool with my boxer shorts covered in a stool Grey fog of the rush-hour, I get its tail end Dodgin’ the bloke at the natural food shop En route to […]

T.C.R. 2019

T.C.R. 2019 – 29,7 x 21cm, pencil, acrylic, pen, laser print on paper I was supposed to be going out, that took ages.

New dog 2019

New dog 2019 – 21 x 29,7cm, watercolour, pen, pencil on paper Some mutts can’t be muzzled Well, I guess I got you puzzled Woof woof

I got you 2019

I got you 2019 – 13 x 21xm, watercolour, pencil on paper Beer in the cupboard, your eyes to mine You skipped my queues and my lines Buy me a drink, and my eyes glaze over I got you

The Fall (Hamburg 1984 3) 2019

The Fall (Hamburg 1984, III) 2019 – 65 x 70cm, acrylic on canvas You can clutch at my toes You won’t drive me insane You know nothing about it It’s not your domain Don’t confuse yourself with someone who has something to say  

The Neighbourhood of Infinity fanzine about The Fall (Risograph)

The Neighbourhood of Infinity

Riso zine, 24 pages, edition 90, ISBN 9789492486028 – with visuals by David Powell and Inge Marleen and words by Andrew Renton. This publication will be on show at Riso Revolution (Quartair, The Hague) during The Other Book Fair (29 November – 1 December 2019). […]

The Fall 2018 Perverted by Language The wonderful and frightening world of the fall

The Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 – 24 x 30cm, acrylic on canvas. Private collection, London This series of portraits refer to archival images of mostly British indie bands from the 80s and 90s that I discovered from listening to John Peel late at night. The Fall were […]

The Fall 2 2018

Pleasure-licious 2018

Pleasure-licious 2018 – 30 x 30cm, acrylic on canvas Doctor Faustus Horseshoes splackin’ Swallows hay cart, cart horse Of the peasants blocking his path

Mark E Smith 2 2018

Tempo House 2018

Tempo House 2018 – 18 x 24cm, oil and acrylic on canvas A serious man In need of a definitive job He had drunk too much Mandrake anthrax Pro-rae, pro-rae Oloron

Mark 2018

Mr. Mark Smith 2018

Mr. Mark Smith 2018 – 30 x 30cm, oil and acrylic on canvas I phoned you up from Dallas But your heart was still in marble And your head Was reckoning

Mark 4 2018

Bury Pts 1 + 3 2018

Bury Pts 1 + 3 2018 – 24 x 20cm, acrylic on canvas I’m Wolverine I’m from Bury A French Prince, I said This song means something Every song means something

Mark 3 2018

Smile 2018

Smile 2018 – 30 x 30cm, acrylic on canvas Tight faded male arse Decadence and Anarchy He said, he smiled Something to dance to A certain style Smile!

Manic Street Preachers

Richey 2019 – 12,2 x 21cm, pencil on paper Richard James “Richey” Edwards (22 December 1967 – disappeared 1 February 1995) was a Welsh musician who was the lyricist and rhythm guitarist of the alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers.

Terry Waite Sez 2019

Terry Waite Sez 2019 – 20 x 24cm, acrylic on canvas Terry Waite Sez Give us a ring, He gave us a ring, he did Mister Big Sounded sour and frustrated With the pressure of his own life

Mark 7 2019

Link Wray 2019

Link Wray 2019 – 24 x 35cm, acrylic on canvas I used to have this thing about Link Wray I used to play him every Saturday God bless Saturday God bless Saturday  

Bremen Nacht 2019

Bremen Nacht 2019

The Fall (Bremen Nacht) 2019 – 200 x 160cm, acrylic on canvas Ich leave real quick das Bremen Nacht Ich rausum mach aus bremen nacht Ich rausum mach das bremen nacht Ich raus Mach Schnell aus das bremen nacht Ich-aus Schnell mach sas bremen nacht […]

I'm tapped 2019

I’m tapped 2019

I’m tapped 2019 – 200x160cm, acrylic on canvas How dare you assume I wanna parlez-vous with you! Gretchen Franklin, nosey matron thing

How I wrote elastic man 2019

How I wrote elastic man 2019

How I Wrote Elastic Man 2019 – 185 x 145cm, acrylic on canvas I’m eternally grateful To my past influences But they will not free me I am not diseased All the people ask me How I wrote “Plastic Man”

The Fall Slates iii 2019

Slates 2019

Slates 2019 – The Fall (Slates) 2019 – 200 x 140cm, acrylic on canvas And I feel like Alan Minter I just ate eight sheets of blotting paper And I chucked out the Alka Seltzer

My New House 2019

My New House 2019 – 200 x 140cm, oil and acrylic on canvas I bought it off the Baptists I get their bills And I get miffed At the damn polyester fills The interior is a prison unconscious Interior is a prison unconscious

I am Damo Suzuki 2019

Damo Marko 2019

Damo Marko 2019 – 120 x 120cm, oil and acrylic on canvas Stands in Cologne Marktplatz Drums come in When the drums come in fast Drums to shock, into brass evil

mark e.smith portrait painting black and white I feel voxish

MES (Voxish) 2019

MES (Voxish) 2019 – 200 x 200cm, oil and acrylic on canvas A pillbox crisp, that French git The spikes he left in the bathroom And I never heard from him again  

The Fall Stephen Song 2019

Stephen Song 2019

Stephen Song 2019 – 50 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas I always have to state to myself It has nothing to do with me He has nothing He is not me

The Fall Doctor Faustus 2019

Dktr Faustus 2019

Dktr Faustus 2019 – 140 x 200cm, acrylic on canvas Spits out hay cart, cart horse, hay and box, Outside the gates of the town of Anholt