A global experiment in behaviourism 2024

A global experiment in behaviourism 2024 – 10,5 x 14 x19cm, acrylic panit, canvas, plaster

Peter Thiel billionaire Trump donor and founder of Palantir could end up receiving as much as £725m from the public purse. Palantir has worked for the Police, MoD, GCHQ, NHS, DHSC, Local Councils, Cabinet Office, Dept for Levelling Up, Highways, Crown Commercial Service & Defra.

Thiel has teamed up with Patri Friedman (anarcho-capitalist, grandson of libertarian economist Milton Friedman) via Pronomos Capital and Prospera to set up charter cities in West Aftica, Nigeria, Butan, and previously in Honduras. These people are a serious threat to democracies.

Thiel went to Stanford along with Rishi Sunak who studied under Prof. Paul Romer who lectured on charter cities as a form of Neocolonialism. Thiel backs building privately-owned city-states around the world he also works with the Charter Cities Institute.