Felixstowe and Harwich 2023

Felixstowe and Harwich 2023 – 40 x 50cm, acrylic on canvas

There is a difference between pragmatic conservatives and zealous libertarians like Buchanan – Nancy MacLean, ‘Democracy in Chains’. All moderation has been expunged, we are sleepwalking into a new dystopian phase where debate & reason have been strangled by dark money pumpede into Govt. We have not learned from the history of libertarian devastation on previously stable socialist democracies like Chile that were dismantled and colonised by the Anglosphere. Decades later disaster/frontier capitalism has advanced into the very heart of western Europe. Libertarians will use all manner of subterfuge to gain power and authoritarian control of what they deem their inalienable right to ‘property’, the very roads they drive on built by labourers are now a red carpet route into local constituencies where charter cities will be built.