Ceramic Valley 2023

Ceramic Valley 2023 – 40 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas

The Charter Cities Institute ‘A charter city is a new city with new rules. Eg Developing new cities on greenfield sites with significantly devolved administrative and regulatory authority can help countries overcome the political and technical obstacles to ‘improving governance’. This is why the Govt expanded the Freeport sites up to 75km, eg Dartmoor, South Devon, Scotland is in the eyes of venture/anarcho- capitalists an absolute goldmine for land grabbing, hence Westminster’s Imperialist stranglehold over the UK’s devolved administrations. The illusion of devolved powers is a neat little puppeteering trick where Scotland and Wales are concerned. Understand that Freeports, SEZs and charter cities are variations on the same theme, total and absolute privatisation. Think of these ‘free zones’ as stepping stones in a river, on one side is social democracy, on the other side is a privately governed plutocracy. Brexit UK is removing the stones as it crosses to the other side so there is no way back for generations to come.