West Sussex 2023

West Sussex 2023 – 40 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas

Peter Thiel of Palantir is a billionaire Trump donor and anarcho-capitalist, he works with Pronomos Capital developing private Governance frameworks via SEZs aka charter cities. Public services are small potatoes, ‘countrypreneurship’ is the goal. Thiel is part of a billionaire network of liberty with controversial plans to build privately owned cities around the world. Thiel works with Pronomos Capital and the Charter Cities Institute, These people are dangerous and killers of democracy. The Charter Cities Institute published a Governance Handbook in 2021, it is 286 pages long, and is the first guide to total corporate rule with no welfare state or public services, everything is privately owned. A charter city doesn’t necessarily have to be built, an existing city can be given charter city status. This occurs under radical reforms of governance, working models are Shenzen, Singapore, Kandla, Hong Kong, these were referred to tin the Brexit Leave Campaign. The Charter Cities Institute ‘A charter city is a new city with new rules. Eg Developing new cities on greenfield sites with significantly devolved administrative and regulatory authority can help countries overcome the political and technical obstacles to ‘improving governance’. This is why the Govt expanded the Freeport sites up to 75km, eg Dartmoor, South Devon, Scotland is in the eyes of venture/anarcho- capitalists an absolute goldmine for land grabbing, hence Westminster’s Imperialist stranglehold over the UK’s devolved administrations.