Shenzen 2023

Shenzen 2023 – 40 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas

The Charter Cities Governance Handbook comprises 286 pages on private cities run by companies who dictate their own laws beyond Govt reach will, this handbook is a guide to how corporations can otherthrow democracy, SEZs can be likened to Russian dolls, states within states, set aside from the host country’s laws and regulations, these are popping up all over the UK since Brexit, under Thatcher SEZs were limited by the EUs rules on State Aid that prohibited governments of members states from giving vast amounts of public money to companies of their choosing, why? This has the effect of distorting markets and disrupting the integrity of the EUs Single Market. China’s ‘century of humiliation’ began when the British colonised Singapore and Hong Kong in the 1850’s, the British established their own courts, police, schools, and private laws carving out a ‘state within a state’.