Cambridge Compass 2023

Cambridge Compass 2023 – 40 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas

The far-right Tories belong to a ‘network of liberty’ which is packed with r/w libertarian think tanks funded by millionaires and billionaires, The Heritage Foundation, Mont Pelerin, Legatum Institute, Policy Exchange, IEA, ERG, The Hayek Insitute, The British American Project, The American Enterprise Institute, The ATLAS Network, Cato Institute, Ayn Rand Institute, almost all of these think tanks were set up to dismantle the achievements of social democracy, egalitarian systems of redistribution of GDP, the welfare state, public services and so on.

The Sovereign Individual – How to Survive and Thrive During the Collapse of the Welfare State 1997 – Authors W.Rees-Mogg and J.Davidson spoke of a return to the fragmented sovereignty of the Middle Ages with overlapping forms of organized power. They predicted that the new millennium would see the disintegration of the nation-state. The Sovereign Individual posited that the nation-state was dysgenic, which is the antonym of eugenics, the masses are being pampered by the state to procreate without contributing to wealth accumulation. The book was embraced by Silicon Valley libertarians. US venture capitalist Peter Thiel of Palantir, PayPal and Pronomos Capital stated “The NHS makes people sick, schools make pupils dumb, welfare creates poverty”. Thiel is an avid promoter of corporate-governing charter cities, these people want it all, not content with dismantling the public sector through engineered insolvency, their endgame is to privately govern countries. Brexit UK is undergoing a classic libertarian tactic called the ‘carve-out’ where 75km SEZs and Freeports overlap competing sovereignties or ‘Sovcorps’ that will ultimately replace social democracy with corporate rule ‘by’ law, not ‘of’ law.