Isles of Scilly FEZ 2024

Isles of Scilly FEZ 2024 – 24 x 18cm, acrylic, wire, on canvas

“Mr Drakeford, with all due respect, Sunak’s freeports are a threat to democracy” Here’s why Wales must become independent and undo the Westminster stranglehold over its indigenous people and their land. A corporate coup hatched by a cross-party alliance all sit on Freeports consortia across England, Scotland, and Wales.

There are 2 Freeports and 8 Special Economic Zones being set up in Wales. These are small state libertarian experiments in corporate governance and you the public are paying for their installation, public money in the form of State Aid is being given to companies chosen by the UK Govt, WTO rules allow this, however, the EU forbids it, why? State Aid (public money) under EU regulations prevents preferential treatment that distorts markets creating an unlevel playing field, this threatens the integrity and harmony of the Single Market, there are 82 SEZs/Freeports in the EU, the difference is that they are strictly regulated to stop companies absconding with their profits and not contributing to local communities and social infrastructure. 12 Freeports and 74 SEZs are being set up in the uk fully endorsed by Cons and Labour, this is why Labour say no to rejoining the EU, it s nothing to do with keeping their powder dry, they back this Tory initiative of corporatizing sovereignty by carving out extraterritorial spaces all over Wales. Were you informed about this? Do you know what deregulated Freeports and SEZs outside of the protections of the EU entail for public services that are already collapsing because of rampant defunding? Do you know that Gove updated his Levelling Up Bill last year to include a section on Compulsory Purchase Orders that apply to business, agricultural, and residential properties? What do you think happens to towns and cities when companies do not pay their taxes to contribute to local infrastructure? They get privatised. The asset classes have thrown money at the govt to install private laws in these zones of exception to the host country, the 1% will do extremely well, while those on low to middle incomes will perish. Labour’s FM Mark Drakeford has signed off on 2 Welsh Freeports Milford Haven & Port Talbot, and Anglesey Freeport with Sunak and Gove, this ‘deal’ was overseen by none other than Shanker Singham, the brains behind Brexit. Drakeford has absolutely betrayed Welsh citizens for generations to come, Drakeford resigned in March 2024. What a legacy…