Clean 2024

Clean 2024 – 18 x 24cm, acrylic on canvas

Hard Brexit = surrendering control over territory, it is emboldened by deregulation and abolition of EU laws, collective sovereignty, employment rights, food safety, and environmental protections. Leaving the biggest market on its doorstep has seen the UK Govt turbocharge free trade deals that in comparison with the EU’s Single Market are merely performative, the so-called Brexit dividends coming in the next 10 years are a fraction of what the UK once had as a member state of the EU. The next stage of Brexit Britain is all about desperation as the UK’s self inflicted disaster shows the world that it is ‘capital-hungry’, the danger of ‘letting go of democracy’ is usually reserved for developing countries or countries that have mercilessly been taken over by foreign interests, think of the USA’s takeover of Chile, by assassinating the democratically elected Salvador Allende in 1973 during a coup d’état led by General Augusto Pinochet (Margaret Thatcher’s dictator friend), commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army, paving the way for Richard Nixon and Milton Friedman’s Chicago Boys to install shock therapy in the form of free market capitalism over Chile.