More space for National policy 2024

More space for National policy 2024 – canvas, acrylic, wire, aluminium, various dimensions

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) revel in ‘frontier capitalism’ which is about setting up shop in feudal enclaves and extracting resources from entire regions, via tricks of the zone, they do this by exploiting peoples desperation as public services are hobbled or collapsed altogether by predatory corporations, private equity, and shadow banks who then continue to finally absorb all public assets.

SEZs are also geared towards modern-day slavery where employment rights are shredded inside the zones, and when the companies have used up taxpayers money in the form of State Aid, they will move on to the next region leaving behind trails of economic destruction, societal degradation, and environmental damage. This is where the far-right seize their window of opportunity and convince people via a compliant MSM to vote against their own interests, SEZ residents will then be presented with the ‘clean-up’ bills. SEZs, despite being private/public enterprises are heavily weighted 90/10 in the private sectors favour, see Teesside Freeport/SEZ, Sunak’s flagship Brexit free zone.

‘Tax farming’ is where companies monopolize public utilities via privatisation, for example, water is a necessity of life, in the UK water companies that pollute rivers and coast lines with sewage make billions in profits but refuse to improve infrastructure, they enjoy a constant stream (pun intended) of profit so doubling the prices on water charges is second nature to them, they know customers have no other choice but to pay up.