St.Athan – Cardiff Airport SEZ 2024

St.Athan – Cardiff Airport SEZ 2024 – 21 x 20 x 21 x 30 x 21cm, acrylic on canvas

Labour MPs, Mayors, councillors, Lords, and Baronesses are sitting members on a cross-party alliance of Freeports consortia spanning England, Scotland, and Wales. If you look at council websites where Freeports are mentioned, you will get the glossy brochure version, these councils won’t even mention the Special Economic Zones currently engulfing the entire UK, the MSM are quiet, the public have no idea what’s happening, the councillors themselves are clueless, yet these seismic changes will negatively impact ordinary peoples lives for the next 25 years. This is Brexit, a deceitful and cruel experiment in libertarian exit from democracy.