Ebbw Vale SEZ 2024

Ebbw Vale SEZ 2024 – 30 x 24cm, acrylic , wire, on canvas

Sunak ‘studied’ at US Stanford, his mentor was Prof. Paul Romer who lectured on a return to colonialism adopting the deregulatory framework of Freeports, SEZS, and charter cities. This has its roots in 1600 with the British forming the East India Company, cycling through to the mid-1800s with the colonization of Singapore and Hong Kong. The economic growth both duopolies in the UK are currently banging on about is based on the success of British occupation of foreign territories by carving out spaces imposing British laws, courts, schools, hospitals, housing within host countries. These are the small states that Truss and her cohorts dream of, it is a libertarian exit strategy from democracy based on former colonial histories and the imposition of a White Supremacist mindset. What’s happening in Brexit UK is a 2nd Empire has formed that is comprised of what Truss refers to as a ‘network of liberty’ a transatlantic Anglosphere resurrecting exclusive ‘zones of exception’ in England, Scotland, and Wales. Residents could opt in the SEZ by giving up their citizenship, becoming ‘sovereign individuals’ free from the constraints of rules of any kind, no meddling Big Govt intervention. Just a reminder that Thatcher’s SEZs were rejected by the EU Commission, as potential disruptors of the integrity of the EU’s Single Market, well Brexit changes all of that, the UK is under WTO rules now, the UK is a 3rd country, and is ‘capital hungry’ after leaving its largest protected and regulated market. All hell can break loose and turbocharge legalized lawlessness, the ring-fenced free market competitive zone is where this will take place.