Greenfield Brownfield 2024

Greenfield Brownfield 2024 – 40 x 30cm, acrylic on canvas

Deregulated SEZs fragment local territories by ring-fencing them from the host country’s laws and protections. This is one of the many unreported reasons behind Brexit. Collective sovereignty has been successfully targeted and commodified. This means SEZs are primed to reconfigure each region of the UK for exploitation by corporations who can do whatever they want within the perimeters of the zone. UK SEZs are licensed for 25 years, and tax exempt for 10 years. Each SEZ costs the taxpayer £160 million multiplied by 74 = £11,84 billion. The UK is being systematically carved up into corporate jurisdictions, and no official body is objecting or scrutinizing the upcoming impacts despite deregulated SEZs track record of failures which are featured on the UK Govt’s website.