Snowdonia SEZ 2024

Snowdonia SEZ 2024 – 25 x 35cm, acrylic, wire, on canvas

The SEZ effect perforated the fabric of Britain’s economy by allowing free market capitalism to aggressively live cheek-by-jowl with austerity-ridden communities. Despite the Tory propaganda, the economic benefits were one-sided, favouring multinationals over smaller companies. Bigger businesses moved from one zone to the next leeching tax breaks while landlords jacked up rents to squeeze out small businesses and the ‘wrong type of tenants’. Thatcher’s adviser Alan Walters (of Mont Pelerin Society) ‘We are turning Britain into one big enterprise zone’. The impact of the zones saw a collapse of local councils as control of the zones was handed to the private sector. In 2023 this same tactic is being repeated on an even grander scale with Sunak’s 12 Freeports and 74 SEZs. 192 English councils now face bankruptcy. Brexit= ‘Exit’ from Big Govt primed to cause unparalleled levels of social and fiscal inequality. MSM and our so-called opposition parties are deliberately ignoring the mistakes of the past, they are forcing Brexit to work in patchworks of corporate sovereignty all across the UK.

A final warning when Alan Walter was quizzed at the World Bank about his remark that Hong Kong was the ‘most free society in the world’, by eminent statistician Angus Maddison that Hong Kong didn’t have elections, he replied with a smile was ‘Yes, that’s just what I meant.

Source ‘Crack Up Capitalism – Market Radicals and the Dream of A World Without Democracy’ by Quinn Slobodian.