Bio Tech 2024

Bio Tech 2024 – 30 x 24cm, acrylic on canvas

All 12 UK Freeports and 74 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are a Tory initiative (backed by Starmer’s changed Labour Party) that have nothing to do with normal transhipment trade development or logistics. They are carve-outs of extra territorial jurisdictions designed for the asset-classes to extract resources, avoid paying taxes, and sell off collective sovereignty (people power) replacing it with corporate sovereignty and private governance. SEZs are known for being a deregulatory race to the bottom where all manner of illicit and illegal activity takes place, this includes money laundering, private banking lack of union representation, modern-dayslavery, weapons, drugs, and human trafficking. It is no coincidence that Brexit has turbocharged SEZs.

“The rather obvious question here is, because the offshore wind energy schemes in Scotland were already going ahead, why is Freeport status deemed necessary? These offshore energy schemes were never dependent on Freeport status in ports, they were always going to proceed. Another factor to consider is that Freeports have not needed to be created at ports elsewhere in Europe which are heavily involved in developing nearby offshore wind energy facilities (e.g. Esbjerg, Eemshaven, Rostock, Gdansk etc)” (1.)

  1. Prof. Alf Baird – THE FREEPORT RUSE EXPOSED! March 2024