Hertfordshire Enviro-Tech SEZ 2024

Hertfordshire Enviro-Tech SEZ 2024 – 24 x 30cm, acrylic, wire, on canvas

The Supreme Court in Honduras shut down Prospera’s SEZ (private city) on the island of Roatán, Prospera are now suing the Honduran Govt for $11 billion which is 2/3 of the Honduran economy. Know that the people of Honduras opposed the SEZ(ZEDE) on the grounds that it violated their sovereignty. The SEZ was licensed for 50 years, Prospera used the secretive court of Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which was founded by The World Bank in 1966 to bypass domestic courts (the Supreme Court) in the pursuit of a protective layer of corporate justice, again set apart from domestic court systems that most of us abide by. ISDS poses a threat to governments of developing countries who for whatever reasons revoked contracts in areas like fossil fuel mining, arms deals, Freeports, SEZs, and charter city contracts/licensing, the UK is a 3rd country under WTO rules and because of Brexit is on a race to the bottom, the fact that SEZs are not discussed by our main political parties or the client MSM is extremely concerning.