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Studio 2020

Obscure Alternatives 2020 – 200 x 290cm, oil on canvas Obscure Alternatives is my latest painting project that brings together my most cherished bands onto one large canvas. This post will document the various stages of the painting as it develops. So far we have […]

The Cramps

Cramps 2018 – 25 x 35cm, oil and acrylic on canvas The Cramps were an American punk/psychobilly rock band formed in 1976 by Erick Lee Purkhiser aka Lux Interior (1946 – 2009) and Kristy Marlana Wallace aka Posion Ivy. Lux Interior was the lead singer. […]

Poison Ivy 2018

Poison Ivy 2018

Poison Ivy 2018 – 20 x 24cm, acrylic on canvas Poison Ivy (1953) is a guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and occasional vocalist who co-founded the American rockabilly band The Cramps.