Mother Sister 2019

Mother Sister 2019 – 32 x 24cm, watercolour, pencil on paper

Martin Brahmah tells a story that would explain much about the lyrics: The story of Mother-Sister!
“Mother-Sister!” That’s a funny one. That’s one I just arranged, I suppose, because Una’s credit was writing the music, because she did write the basic chords on the piano. Playing off that, I had to come up with an interesting bass line and a quirky guitar part. I was trying to make it Beefhearty, more angular.
I was telling Mark about that, and outside the house, when he visited . . . we lived by the motorway, and there was a big electricity pylon outside of the house. You could hear buzzing all the time, but we got the house really cheap because it was by an electricity pylon and a motorway!

source: The Annotated Fall